Jar Opener

Jar Opener

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Jar Opener

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Are you always struggling with opening jars? With this handy device you will unscrew and open tightly closed jars with ease. Just a simple twist and jar opener will do its job.

Jar Opener

Open any jar in no time!

Effortlessly open any jar or bottle
Great for seniors
Perfect solution for weak or arthritic hands
Easy to install and use
No storage space required

Removes tight close jar lids effortlessly

A quick and easy solution to an age-old problem! Our jar opener only requires one hand to twist off the tightest lid, whether it is factory locked, vacuum sealed, child proof, or just stuck.

Effective with all lid sizes

It can open a small plastic water bottle or a giant jar. The jar opener can grab any lid size or type because of its V-shaped mouth with strong metal teeth. Requires less strength while providing more security.

Easy to install and use

The surface of the jar opener comes pre-attached with a peel-and-stick adhesive as well as 3 screws. Ideal for children, women, elderly, those with carpal tunnel, artritis and handicapped individuals.

Our satisfied costumers

I can not believe I have lived so long without this product! I have weak hands & always had a hard time opening jars. Even have brought jars into work for friends to open for me when I did not have hands at home to help.

Ivan Smutný

Wish I had known this product years ago. It works amazingly well!

Gertrúda Čierna

Very easy to install, and easy to open up vacuum packed lids!

Silvester Pokorný

This product is so helpful and easy to install. Simply peeled the sticky and placed it where I wanted to use it. I recommend!

Vanda Urbanová

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