Garage wall protector

Garage wall protector

Waterproof Tape SilverFlex

Waterproof Tape SilverFlex

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Super dry hair towel

Garage wall protector

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No need to worry about your car door will bump on the garage wall anymore! Protect your car doors and bumpers from paint scrapes, dents and bumps when parking. Our garage wall protectors are easy to install - simply stick on wherever you need a little extra padding.

  • Buy 2 for 15,90€ each and save 20%
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Best wall protection
Anti car scratch
Self-Adhesive Soft Foam
Shockproof Material

Protect your car

Garage wall protectors offer heavy-duty protection for both car doors and garage walls. The sound of the door of your beloved car hitting the wall is the worst nightmare of any car owner. With this garage car door protector, you won’t have to longer worry about accidentally damaging the paint of your car.

Multipurpose use

The stick-on strips are designed to use on many different surfaces, such as stone, plaster, wood and metal. Use in the garage, home, basement, workshop, or anywhere where you need protection from impacts.


1*Car Door Protector Sticker

  • Length: 2 m
  • Width: 20 cm
  • Material: Rubber/foam
  • Color: Black

Our satisfied users!

With a tight garage or car port this is a must have, save cars from all them avoidable chips and damages. As careful as you maybe the kids swing the door open and BANG...Damage. This takes such damage away.

Ivan Smutný

It is a great product and good protection for the car, also it can be used over the doors to avoid any scratch.

Gertrúda Čierna

The material is quite spongy, which means the car door sinks into it nicely, giving a gentle landing for the paintwork.

Silvester Pokorný

Purchased to protect my wing mirrors when squeezing into the garage. It is very easy to install; just apply lightly and then press firmly when you're happy with the position. Easy to cut and very malleable; as you can see it fits nicely around a pipe. Very happy with my purchase.

Vanda Urbanová

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