Drain cleaning brush

Drain cleaning brush

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Oil/Vinegar spray bottle

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Drain cleaning brush

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When the drain in your home is blocked. You don't have to spend a lot of money on cleaning up. Using this gadget, it's easy to remove blocked objects and unclog drains.

Drain cleaning brush

Perfect tool to resolve clogged drains!

Easy to clean clog and blockage
Long and flexible
Applicable for cleaning sinks, tubs, drain...
Save your money
Easy to clean

Say goodbye to clogged drain!

Our drain cleaning brush is flexible so it will follow the curve of the pipes and does the job. It has lots of spiral bristles for catching just about everything down that drain hole. It is really efficient and easy to use, just go right downand pull the hair and gunk out with just once swipe!

Unclog your drains by yourself and save money!

Perfect for cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, sinks, tubs, pipes, drain, sewers, and other places that are often clogged. Easiest and fastest way of unclogging your drain without breaking your budget!


1x Drain cleaning brush

Material: stainless steel and nylon bristles 

Length: 45cm

Our satisfied customers

Cleaned my sink drains beautifully. Quick and easy and it fits all three sink drains in my home. Way better than struggling with a toothbrush.

Ivan Smutný

works like a charm the brush technique gets all the hair out. Try it you'll love it just like me for sure!

Gertrúda Čierna

It definitely gets out the clogged hair and it feels sturdy enough. I do recommend it though because it certainly works!

Silvester Pokorný

At first I thought it was a bit big but if fits great and does a great job pulling out hairs and all without getting stuck or damaging the drain, perfect!

Vanda Urbanová

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